The Method and Mission of Augusta Academy

Augusta Academy mainly delivers its presentations and courses through the exposition of a speaker followed by debate, as this method is ideally suited for transmitting knowledge and increasing understanding.

Knowledge is the first, understanding the second, and action the third step towards living a good or at least a better life, i.e. a still more coherent life of proper purpose and real value crowned by happiness.

While nobody can act or perform for anybody else, Augusta Academy can provide you with what you need to perform better as measured by not only what you might think or feel through instinct is right, but what you will learn to know through reason really is so; the key to getting the most out of yourself and your circumstances by way of identifying your true place and purpose and the method by which to pursue, secure and enjoy their fulfillment.

In theory, only fools and weaklings act contrary to what they really know and believe to be good and true. Practice is another matter though. Only very few people, even among the best and brightest, can rightfully claim never to have acted foolishly or contrary to their own proper interest.

Augusta Academy cannot claim to possess the power to eradicate foolishness and weakness altogether from this world or from the life of anybody in it. But, we do guarantee that participation in any of our presentations or courses helps to minimize these destructive tendencies.

We furthermore promise that attending our presentations or courses brings a greater clarity of mind, a clearer sense of direction and a firmer grasp of self that is of tremendous value for finding and maintaining life-long inspiration, motivation and dedication. We achieve this by drawing upon a tradition of more than 2.500 years of reflection, reception and refinement that has identified what works better and what works worse when it comes to the preparation and protection of true success and happiness. Side-effects include increased self-discipline, willpower and contentment with self and life on a level that only a very select few know of in this modern epoch characterized by a profound crisis of values and worth.

Augusta Academy is thus not so much distinguished by our method of transmission as by the content of our products, the cause that motivates us and the course that we follow, which in fact is all one and the same; paideia, i.e. the project of character building - being the best we can be, and becoming still better by always doing our best, aiming for excellence in all spheres of our existence, professional as well as personal. We take the method specific to paideia as a mark of distinction characteristic of Augusta Academy in not only all our offerings but also in the way that we conduct business; maintaining a high character, aiming for mutual benefit and adding real value above all.

The mission of Augusta Academy is thus to personify and promulgate paideia to the benefit of each and every person and institution that we interact with.

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